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Private Label

Create your own individual brand and
build positive awareness of the brand and its image !

Each company cares primarily about being recognizable on the market, standing out and focusing the attention of as many consumers as possible. An entrepreneur must create their brand in such a way that it is not only unique but also likeable. But big advertising expenditures are not necessary - it is the good idea that matters, especially when it comes to  Private Label.
Private label (or private brand) are products manufactured on behalf of the client, under the client’s package and brand. As a result, the client, who has the ownership of the product, is being recognized on the market.

What are the benefits of having your own private label?
  • The ability to deliver high-quality products at industrial prices
  • A wider range of products
  • The ability to extend the offer of an already existing private label
  • Generating brand loyaltyAdditional brand recognition
  • Openness to new clients
  • High return-on-investment
Scandia Cosmetics SA provides services in the field of professional formula counselling, manufacturing and packaging cosmetic products on behalf of other companies within the range of various private label bathing and nurturing cosmetics.
We provide:
  • 30 years of experience in manufacturing high quality cosmetics
  • First-class cream production mixers and packaging machines
  • Our own laboratory, chemists and cosmetologists with years of experience
  • A base of the highest quality raw materials that is constantly being improved and updated
  • Knowledge of the market and current trends
We specialise in selective high quality lines. Simultaneously, we guarantee the lowest minimum quantities of production.
We guarantee as well:
  • Comprehensive services in developing recipes and formulas
  • Flexibility to adapt to the needs of each individual customer and their requirements
  • Personalized, unique projects
  • Care for the environment
  • An experienced, positive and creative team

Scandia Cosmetics SA has been granted with prestigious GMP Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate. It confirms the highest possible quality and our splendid service on each level of cosmetics manufacure: raw materials, controlling, storage, shipment and much more. 

Private Label

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