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One of the oldest spices in the world. Cinnamon bark has been known since ancient times, when it was considered a valuable, but expensive material (of a bigger value than gold).

 Properties of cinnamon in cosmetics:

There are few ingredients that warm up the skin as well as cinnamon. This feature has long been used in cosmetics and beauty treatments for skin lacking firmness. After treatments, the skin more firm, smooth and elastic. Cinnamon also helps to deal with a problem that nearly all women face - cellulite. Cinnamon became popular as a mean affecting metabolism, and therefore an excellent way for weight loss. Thanks to its warming properties it helps to improve skin elasticity and blood flow. The aromatic spice is also perfect for foot care. Rough, cracked and dry feet are the result of improper footwear, negligence of care and low temperatures in winter. In such instances cinnamon cosmetics are very helpful, warming and softening the foot skin. Blood and metabolism are stimulated to work faster, so that our feet return to the state of beautiful and well cared-for.

The warming cosmetics containing cinnamon are mostly lotions, hand and foot creams, as well as face masks. They attract not only with their cosmetic values, but also with their wonderful smell.

 Nearly 90% of women suffer from PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) and painful menstruation. Cinnamon oil or cinnamon infusion can ease the physical symptoms. Many women following the natural medicine and eco-friendly products trends are seeking for natural ways for dealing with their female problems, and cinnamon can be found as a perfect solution. However, it should not be used by people with very sensitive and couperose skin. It is also not recommended for pregnant women, as it can cause miscarriage.