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Ginger has found its way to us from India. It is a popular spice used in cooking for sweet dishes and meat. Despite finding a wide range of applications in natural medicine, it is also a plant that is starting to be more often used in cosmetics.

 Its warming and stimulating effect is used in many formulations. Ginger stimulates metabolism, making it helpful in losing body weight. It is often used in both in kitchen and beauty products. One of the qualities of ginger is its refreshing, spicy smell.

Warming effect:

Ginger used in ointments and creams not only has a warming effect, but also a stimulating one. Overall, it improves the metabolism in body tissues, therefore it is used for skin firming body lotions. It is often a component of beauty products for men, because of its smell. Because of its antibacterial properties it is used in anti-acne cosmetics for younger people.

Scar treatment:

Ginger slices enhance blood circulation and cause the reducing of scars. Ginger compresses make them less visible. Ginger is used in cosmetics that lighten the complexion. It often appears next to lemon juice as a treatment for age spots skin discoloration.

Anti-cellulite mask:

Ginger is one of the most effective natural cellulite reducers. Regular application of a body scrub with ginger powder can visibly help reduce the first signs of cellulite and smooth the skin.

Antibacterial mask:

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of ginger are also used in cosmetics. Lotions containing ginger should rather be applied to the whole body, due to the strong warming effect.

Ginger bath:

Baths with products containing ginger can be treated as an additional measure in anti-cellulite treatments. After the baths it is recommended to use a moisturizing body lotion, preferably one with ginger.