After shave balm

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Cosmetics / Aftershave balms /After shave balm

After shave balm

With a formula specifically formulated for men’s skin, it soothes and intensively moisturizes. Enriched with ingredients such as argan oil, allantoin, arnica Montana, chamomile extract, and menthol the balm provides excellent skincare. When used regularly it prevents irritations and reduces signs of fatigue.



Before applying the aftershave balm, wash your face thoroughly with cold water. Do not wipe the skin, apply a small amount of lotion on the face.

roztartego w dłoniach ruchem do dołu.

92% of ingredients of natural origin, among them:

  • argan oil – perfectly nourishes, moisturizes, and regenerates the skin protecting it from harmful external factors
  • sunflower oil – strongly moisturizes and smoothes the skin, strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, helps control sebum production
  • Vitamin E – effectively helps to fight the signs of aging such as wrinkles, dry skin, loss of firmness and collagen
  • urea – creates a protective layer on the skin, which prevents water from water loss, it has strong moisturizing properties
  • D-Panthenol – soothes irritations, moisturizes and softens the epidermis, improves the epidermis structure
  • camomile extract – soothes irritations and inflammations, accelerates skin regeneration
  • arnica extract – reduces redness, soothes skin irritations
  • menthol – provides a cooling sensation
  • allantoin – has strong moisturizing, regenerating, soothing, and softening properties