Technology and cosmetic formulations

The world is changing, and we are changing with it. We are constantly seeking and developing to ensure that our products meet current customer expectations. We are innovative not only in our approach to business but also in the creation of our brands. With all the benefits of new technologies, and at the same time in the awareness of the growing threats to our health, unique, antiseptic, and antibacterial cosmetics with ozone have been developed. Scandia Cosmetics is an expert and European leader in the production of such cosmetics.


What is ozone?

Ozone is the second most powerful sterilizer known. It is capable of destroying bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant odors. Despite its powerful action, it has a very short life cycle. When it comes to contact with bacteria, viruses, or odors, the extra oxygen atom destroys them completely through oxidation. During this process, the extra oxygen atom is destroyed, removing substances entirely. The only remaining substance is pure oxygen. In addition, ozone is safe. Every day we are subjected to the effects of ozone in the air and its different concentrations created by natural processes in the air. The ozone has no effect on us except a noticeable odor.

Ozone in cosmetology

In medicine, ozone is administered in many forms. However, due to certain limitations, in cosmetology, it can be given in a gas form and in combination with unsaturated fatty acids, which are more widely used. These acids are found in fine vegetable oils such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, widely used in cosmetology. The olive oil is ozonized which results in natural, permanent bonds between ozone and fatty acids. Under the influence of body temperature and fluids, ozone is released and has a beneficial effect on the skin. The use of ozone in cosmetology partly overlaps with its use in dermatology. This is particularly true for the oxygenation, revitalization, and regeneration of the skin. At the same time, its antibacterial properties improve the appearance of healthy skin.

Biologically active ozone also improves the penetration of some cosmetic components into the deeper layers of the epidermis. As a result, they have a deeper and stronger effect. Cosmetics with ozone help in the treatment of certain dermatological disorders, such as atopic dermatitis (AD) or psoriatic lesions. In cases of dry skin, ozone cosmetics improve oxygenation of the skin, thus increasing its tone and making it more elastic.

Ozone cosmetic products are also excellent for the care of irritated skin, burns, and even bedsores.


What it is?

It is an innovative technology supporting the delivery of active substances deep into the skin. Microencapsulation is defined as a method of encapsulating a specific substance or a mixture of substances within an encapsulated material or a system. With this process, the biologically active substance or a mixture of such substances is enclosed in small capsules, which are used as a carrier.

The active ingredients are encapsulated in small capsules that transport the active ingredients. The microcapsules do not break during production, but once released on the skin they slowly spread̨.

The developed innovative and original microencapsulation method is based on the combination of ozone and mumio with hyaluronic acid. The purpose of cosmetics with microcapsules is to strengthen the protective barrier of the epidermis and to create a protective layer against aggressive external factors. They also support night skin regeneration, hydration, and soothing irritations.


Better permeability and absorption of biologically active compounds encapsulated in microcapsules have been repeatedly demonstrated. The effects are particularly effective for hydrophobic preparations such as oils and fats.

Encapsulation is an effective method for producing bioactive oils. Apart from improving absorption, encapsulation also protects bioactive compounds against oxidation, UV radiation, and other undesirable factors.

With microencapsulation technology, the ozone used in the products works even more effectively. A moisturizing complex based on hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients, such as argan oil and shea butter, provides the skin with an anti-wrinkle effect and ensures proper hydration and protection against negative external factors. It has an anti-aging effect, eliminating wrinkles and reducing their appearance.

It makes the skin more elastic, firmer, smoother, and silky. Active ozone penetrates deep into the skin, intensely oxygenating it and evening out its color.

Safe for sensitive and allergic skin.