A comprehensive step-by-step production process

We provide production orders based on:

  • customer formulas
  • Scandia Cosmetics formulas
  • modified customer recipes
  • modified Scandia Cosmetics formulas
  • our experience as the basis for new recipes



Production of private label products is based on an agreed contract, which defines the scope of the parties’ obligations, assortment, single production quantity, implementation schedule, and payments. Defining the necessary arrangements enables both parties to act by the agreed strategy.


The prototype formula can be developed based on the final or modified formula (client’s or Scandia Cosmetics). In case when the new formulas are based on the client’s concepts, they are free of charge and during the cooperation, they remain the property̨ of Scandia Cosmetics. We also offer the right to buy the rights to the recipe for an additional fee, subject to the agreement.


After the formula has been accepted, we start making the formula. We modify it according to your needs and prepare another prototype until the formula is approved. Up to a maximum of 3 modifications of each product, their development is free of charge. Subsequent modifications are chargeable. The approximate cost of a formula is 500 PLN net for every version of a product.

In addition to the ingredients used, the acceptance of the formula also includes the type of packaging and its capacity. When the prototype is accepted, we send it for testing (this does not apply to ready and tested formulas). Once the sample is made and finally accepted, we are ready to determine the cost of the final product.


A safety assessment and necessary tests must be performed for a cosmetic to be approved for use. The cost of the tests necessary to launch the cosmetic on the market is external and legally required. The final price depends on the type of cosmetic, ingredients, and the target group for which the cosmetic is intended. It is possible to order these tests in-house and in any accredited laboratory. The testing time is about 4 months, counting from the acceptance of the formula and the packaging.


At this stage we have the final formula, we have checked the availability and evaluation of raw materials and packaging, and we have a product sample with tests done.

Then we move on to accept the design. After the final acceptance of the product, we will present the final price. It includes the cost of purchasing raw materials and unit packaging, mass production, labeling, packing into individual boxes, and wrapping.

The costs of safety assessment and necessary tests, design, and printing of labels and cartons, and transport must also be added to the above costs.

*additional services


Preparation of graphic design of labels is on the client’s end. However, we offer an additional service of label and carton design on request.


We prepare cosmetics according to the approved recipe and safety data sheet. Once this stage is completed, products in individual packages await further packaging.


To move on, we label the products and pack them into master boxes. The products are then ready for delivery.


We prepare the cosmetics for one-time collection from our premises at the expense of the customer. On request, we can organize transport, but the cost of delivery is at the customer’s expense.


Distribution or sale of final products is on the client’s side.