Frequently asked

Does Scandia Cosmetics develop cosmetics formulas or just produce them?

Yes, we have our laboratory, so we can develop any formula based on customer’s guidelines.

What is the lowest MOQ?

Minimum one-time production depends on the product. Please contact us directly to find out our detailed offer.

Is it possible to use own packaging?

We can pack the cosmetics into the customer’s packaging provided that it meets our technical requirements.

Does Scandia Cosmetics develop cosmetics based on vegan ingredients?

Yes. We have a wide range of raw materials used in vegan cosmetics.

What is the estimated time and cost of formula development?

The estimated formula development time is approximately 2-3 months. The recipe is free of charge and remains in our possession during the production process. In other words, the customer is not obliged to buy the recipe.

Do you conduct tests necessary for the launch of the cosmetics?

Yes, if a client decides to entrust us with this additional service. We perform some tests ourselves or outsource them to specialized laboratories.

Can I have Scandia Cosmetics design the packaging?

There is a possibility of designing labels and packaging, although generally, we use designs made by our customers. We do not design packaging in the sense of bottles, jars, tubes, and closures.

What formal procedures are on my side and what are on the part of Scandia Cosmetics?

The customer – as the brand owner – is the party who introduces the cosmetic on the market. According to the law, it is the client’s responsibility to register the cosmetic with the CPNP and have its safety assessment. The safety assessment is drawn up by the safety assessor based on test results and evaluations. If the customer uses our ready-made formulas and Scandia Cosmetics is listed on the packaging as the responsible party, then the CPNP notification is on our side.