Who we are

Scandia Cosmetics

30 years of experience in private label cosmetics production

We develop Polish innovative technology. We cooperate permanently with the Chemistry Department of the Agricultural University in Krakow. We manufacture with respect for nature and ecology. We follow technological novelties on an ongoing basis, constantly expanding our knowledge and experience. We are the Polish leader in ozone technology in cosmetics.

We cooperate with well-known brands, with great care for their anonymity.

We have been developing and manufacturing in Poland for over 30 years. We are local, family-owned, and environmentally friendly. We combine the idea of love for nature with innovative technologies. We use the wealth of nature and knowledge to create natural cosmetics that meet a variety of needs.

We create formulas based on ingredients derived from ecological and toxin-free substances. Nature is our highest priority. We are proud of our products because we are sure that we offer unique, safe, environmentally and skin-friendly as well as beneficial cosmetics.

Our great experience in the cosmetics industry, as well as the current knowledge of trends, allows us to produce the highest quality Polish natural cosmetics with no preservatives, suitable for vegans. We focus on original and reliable formulas.

We have always cooperated exclusively with reliable suppliers of raw materials, fragrances, and extracts. For the production of cosmetics, we use natural raw materials with the necessary certificates. We look for a balance between innovation and tradition.

We try to adapt traditional and natural ingredients – known and valued for generations – to modern formulas to extract as much value from them as possible.

We constantly cooperate with the Chemistry Department of Hugo Kołłątaj Agricultural University in Kraków. Constant development and the use of modern technologies and recipes allow us to extend our offer continuously. It is also a guarantee of proven and professional services.

We are also a respected manufacturer of animal cosmetics. Together with Coniraya stud farm, we research cosmetics for horses, alpacas, llamas, and camels. We also care for pets as part of our attention to animal welfare. Together with Dr. Krzysztof Klimas, we research the application of products based on ozone, dedicated to dogs and cats. Thanks to our actions and involvement, our social responsibility has a significant impact on the natural environment.

Mission and vision

Locally, family-owned, responsibly – this is how we want to develop and produce the highest quality cosmetics, based on natural ingredients, inspired by the latest technologies, and safe for humans and as well for the environment. We act in harmony with ecology and nature.

We are constantly growing and researching the market to follow tends to respond to current consumers’ needs. Our laboratory, where we conduct research, makes it possible as well. By constantly looking for new formulas and active ingredients, we meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Our innovative approach, including the use of ozone and microencapsulation technology, allows us to respond to customer needs on an ongoing basis.


What we do

The activities of Scandia Cosmetics include professional consulting services in the field of formulation, production and packaging of cosmetic products. Scandia works on behalf of external companies in the field of private label, widely understood bath and skin care cosmetics.

We design and produce natural cosmetics, professional cosmetics, technologically and biotechnologically advanced cosmetics, also protected by patent law.

We focus on original and proven formulas. Nature and our fascination with its possibilities translates into the implementation of subsequent projects, offering new cosmetic lines. Our original and effective formulas have been created by using current biotechnological methods.

From the beginning we cooperate only with proven suppliers of raw materials, fragrances and extracts. For the production of cosmetics we use natural and certified raw materials. We look for harmony between modernity and tradition. We try to adapt traditional natural ingredients – known and valued for generations – to modern formulas in order to extract as many advantages from them as possible.

Thanks to our experienced team of technologists and chemists, we create formulas, composition concepts and finished cosmetic lines based on the latest market trends and technologies. Thus, we provide a comprehensive service from the idea to market launch of the finished product.

In addition to the full range of services related to the production of natural cosmetics, we also carry out selected stages of production, related to the implementation of the finished product on the Polish market or abroad.

We have our own laboratory and our own production plant, we meet the legally required standards. We have at our disposal not only professional knowledge in the field of creation, research and production, but also current and complete legal knowledge. We work with ISO 14001 and GMP standards.

Huge experience in the cosmetics industry as well as current knowledge of trends allows us to produce highest quality Polish natural cosmetics without preservatives. Continuous development and use of modern technologies and formulas allows us to constantly expand our offer. It is also a guarantee of proven and professional services.


  • CosmoTrends 2022 for mcO3 Face Cream
  • Qlt Cosmetic 2017 from the Cosmetics magazine in the organic cosmetic category for the Vegetelle line
  • InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2016 for the Shea Line recipes
  • InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2014 for the Shea Line recipes
  • Excellence of 2013 by Twój Styl for Time for Baltic series
  • Golden Krokus Salon Spring 2013 for the Shea XXXIV
  • InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2012 for Argan&Goats body butter
  • Excellence of 2011 by Twój Styl for SPA body butter
  • Patron of Health 2010 for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and support for pro-health initiatives
  • Health Treat 2011 from Vital Foundation and EpokaZdrowia.pl