Liquid bio soaps

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Cosmetics / Soaps /Liquid bio soaps

Liquid bio soaps

This 99% natural liquid hand soap gently removes impurities while providing moisture and nourishment to the skin, making them look soft and smooth. It protects skin from drying out and provides a feeling of comfort and freshness while leaving a beautiful scent.

Available fragrance options:

spring water – sea spray, grapefruit

dark amber

wild bouquet – green herbs, lotus, peony

elegant flower – bergamot, plum



Dispense an appropriate amount into the hand and massage. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

99% of the highest quality ingredients of natural origin, among them:

  • allantoin – has powerful moisturizing, regenerating, soothing, and softening properties
  • D-panthenol – soothes irritations, moisturizes and softens the skin, improves the epidermis structure
  • glycerine – increases skin elasticity, soothes wrinkles, accelerates regeneration processes
  • lactic acid – has powerful moisturizing and anti-aging properties and plays a role of a pH regulator